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Double-Dipping: Special Education & Medicaid

No Exit: The "Black Hole" of Special Education

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Marshall Fritz 2002 Year End Letter

How government control — even local — has ruined public education by Marshall Fritz

What you need to know to liberate your children from government schooling
Vouchers: While many rejoice about the Supreme Court decision re. Cleveland (Zelman), some freedom lovers see a dark side.
Dr. Dobson & Dr. Laura — get the kids out of government schools
Marshall Fritz announces temporary reduction of activities and cancellation of SepCon2002

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"I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer that to their being educated by the state."

Max Victor Belz
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 Politics and education don't mix!

It may be a jarring statement, but for more than three full lifetimes — the 220 years from the 1620s to the 1840s — most American schooling was independent of government control, subsidy, and influence. From this educational freedom the American Republic was born.

Now, after 150 years of tax-financed schooling, we see more and more children failing to grow into responsible, caring, competent adults. A movement is growing to reclaim the American tradition of family responsibility in education by returning to the separation of school and state.

You can use the World's Smallest Education Survey to clarify your view of the balance between parental and governmental control of a child's education. Or, you may go directly to our Proclamation for the Separation of School and State and declare that you want government out of schooling!


Our Proclamation
Our Proclamation is a bold statement that goes beyond the reform ideas that have been failing for over a century and are doomed to fail again. This short Proclamation goes to the tap root of the "public school" mess — government! Click here to sign it now!

Using the Proclamation, we are building a groundswell that will eventually do the political job of ending government involvement in schooling.

The Proclamation has been endorsed by more than 21,000 people. You can see the ones in your city, state, or country by clicking here. You can also see the names of prominent individuals who share your political or religious view by clicking here.

Action: Couples should both sign, as well as older children who understand and believe in School Liberation. Every person counts on our march to 1,000,000!

Proclaimers per million

228 per million / 1053 total - Minnesota

196 per million / 383 total - Utah

191 per million / 219 total - New Hampshire

See all states
See Everyone Who Has Signed
the Proclamation

(listed by state or country)

See Prominent People Who Have Signed
of Note

Joseph Farah
    Editor and CEO

John K. Rosemond
    Syndicated colummnist,
    Speaker on parenting

Mark Shea
    Catholic apologist,
    and Blogger

Penn & Teller
    Comedians &
    Variety show hosts

Dinesh D'Souza
    The Virtue of Prosperity,
    The End of Racism,

    and Illiberal Education

Larry Elder
    Talk show host,
    Syndicated columnist
    The Ten Things
    You Can't Say
    In America

Doug Philips
    Vision Forum

T. C. Pinkney
    Baptist leader

Msgr. Richard Schuler
    Pastor emeritus,
    Church of St. Agnes

Peg Luksisk
    Nat'l Parents Comm.

Tim LaHaye
    Minister, author

Maria Mascarenhas

Paul Mero
    Sutherland Inst.

Dennis Peacock

Mark Skousen, Ph.D.

Thomas Szasz, M.D.
    Professor emeritus

Richard Wilkins
    Law professor, BYU

David Moss
    of Hebrew

Nimrod McNair
    Executive Director,

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Can we achieve our goal?

The Berlin Wall was destined to fall, but nobody knew when. Similarly, School Liberation is possible, but we don't know when. We don't even know what event will trigger the collapse of support for government schools. What we do know is we are further along than most people think.

Two national polls show that 1/4 of the U.S. population (50 million) already favor ending tax financing of schools and compulsory attendance. Another 50 million agree with the proviso that poor children get enough voluntary scholarships to go to better schools than today. Click here to see a two-page report of these national polls.